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Ten Inch Pewter Quaich
Eight Inch Pewter Quaich
Large Pewter Quaich
Medium Pewter Quaich
Small Pewter Quaich
Standard Pewter Quaich
Teddy handle Pewter Quaich
Large Plus Pewter Quaich
Extra Large Pewter Quaich
Extra Small Pewter Quaich
Large celtic circle Pewter quaich
Large Kells Pewter Quaich
Large Paisley pewter Quiach
Large Thistle pewter Quaich
Large Thistle Handle pewter Quaich
Medium celtic circle pewter quaich
Medium Kells pewter quaich
Medium thistle pewter quaich
Small celtic circle pewter quaich
Small Claddagh Pewter Quaich

The Quaich Company are proud manufacturers of pewter quaichs and also many other Scottish and Celtic themed gifts. We also sell quaichs in wood, silver, crystal and horn, in lots of different sizes to suit all budgets.

Each piece is hand crafted using traditional techniques and will be a treasured and celebrated objects for generations to come.